If you are currently unable to open FBX, get the latest version (V3.10) to fix the issue:  Download FBX update

A defect in version 3.9 stops FBX from opening and displays the message: 'Your FBX installation is incomplete'.

FBX will not update automatically to fix this issue. To get the latest version (V3.10), download FBX from this page and install as normal.

Make your voice heard. Become an FBX Insider

We’ve got big plans for FBX in 2019 and beyond, but we would like our amazing user community to help us deliver what you need by telling us exactly what you want.

We’re looking for a band of intrepid volunteers to unite in our Insiders group and try out upcoming features in pre-release builds to give us feedback on what’s good, what’s bad and what’s downright ugly (we’ll try to keep that last one to a minimum) via an exclusive forum section and a dedicated channel on our Discord server.

A few of the features that we are keen to get feedback on before releasing to the public include streaming, a screen recording mode to capture whatever is on your screen even if it is not a supported games and more editing options. 

If you’re game and have a few spare minutes to take a quick survey, sign-up here.

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