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Almost – FBX will work with a very wide range of games. Anything using DirectX9-12 or OpenGL should be recordable, as well as some games that use DirectX7-8.

It can also record browser-based games – go to the Web Games tab in the Settings to turn this feature on.

FBX works with a very wide range of PCs – you don’t need something new or powerful, but if you’ve got that, FBX takes advantage of it.

It will use features in NVidia, AMD and Intel video processors to accelerate recording.

If you don’t have any video hardware features it can use, it’ll still be able to record and get good results.

No limitations. Record as long as you want, with no watermarks or quality restrictions.

At a later date we’ll add more editing functions and charge for FBX, but because you’re an early-adopter you’ll still be able to record for free.

Yes. In the future we’ll add more editing functions and start charging, but since you’re an early adopter, you’ll still be able to record for free.

Yes. Make sure its attached and enabled before you start FBX. Go to the Webcam tab of the settings and turn on webcam recording.

You can find saved recordings under the ‘Captures’ tab in the app. 

Files are also saved locally to the ‘FBX Game Recorder’ folder in your Video library.

If you edit a movie by adding a marker or using the Make Clip function, FBX creates files in the ‘FBX Game Recorder Projects’ folder.

To get an MP4 file of a movie, open it in the Captures tab and click ‘Get MP4’ at the top right.

Soon! Its on the list, near the top.


If FBX doesn’t start, we’ll need to know more, so do this:

  • In Windows Explorer, go to the folder:
    c:\ProgramData\Blueberry Software\FBX Game Recorder
  • Find the most recent “Session_…” folder, right click it and select “Send to -> Compressed folder”
  • Send the zip file this creates to [email protected]

We’ll need to see log files from your PC to figure out what’s going wrong. Here’s how to send these to us:

  • Reproduce the problem.
  • Restart FBX if necessary and go to the Support tab.
  • Send a report.

If you can’t see the overlay, it means FBX can’t record that game.

FBX has been coded to be compatible with a wider range of games than other recorders, but it can be blocked by anti-cheat software, and some older games may use technology that it can’t record.

If the game you’re trying to record isn’t particularly old, send us a report:

  • Reproduce the problem
  • Go to the Support tab and send us a report

Try these things to improve performance:

  • Make sure you have an hardware encoder selected, if one is available. Go to the Video tab in the Settings to check.
  • Reduce the Frames per Second.
    Not every game needs to be recorded at 144fps – a lower setting may improve performance. Go to the Video tab in the Settings to set the FPS.
  • Reduce the resolution of the recording.
    Go to Settings -> Video -> Resolution and select something other than ‘Original’ to reduce the dimensions and the amount of data FBX has to encode.


To save part of a movie:

  • Open the movie in the Captures tab.
  • Click the Edit button in the top right.
  • Find the point you want your clip to start at and click ‘Make Clip’
  • FBX creates a selection in the Timebar at the bottom of the window. Drag the green handles to set the start and end of the clip.
  • When you’re finished, click ‘Save’
  • A new movie is created in the Captures tab list

To get an MP4 file of a movie, open it in the Captures tab then click ‘Get MP4’ in the top right.

To get a GIF file of a short movie, or part of a movie:

  1. Open the movie in the Captures tab and click ‘Edit’ in the top right
  2. In the Editor, find the point you want to start the GIF at and click ‘Make GIF’. Then set ‘Save’ to ‘Selected Frames’ in the left side. FBX creates a selection for you.
  3. Move the start and end of the selection by dragging the handles.
  4. Set the other options, if you need to, and click ‘Save’ when you’re ready.

FBX records the game and only the game. If its running fullscreen, then FBX records the screen. If its running in a window, FBX records that. FBX can’t record things outside the game.

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