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FBX works with almost every game. Anything using DirectX9-12 or OpenGL should be recordable, as well as some games that use DirectX7-8.

Yes. You don’t even need something new or powerful, but if you’ve got that, FBX takes advantage of it.
Yes. Make sure its attached and enabled before you start FBX.
You can find saved recordings under the ‘Recordings’ tab in the app. Files are also saved locally to the ‘FBX Game Recorder’ folder in your Video library.


We can help, but we need to know more! Do this:

  • Click the Windows Start button and search for “FBX”. It should find the “FBX Game Recorder” folder.
  • Open it and select the ‘Send a Problem Report’ item

We’ll need to see log files from your PC to figure out what’s going wrong. 

  • Reproduce the problem
  • Go to the Support tab (restart FBX if necessary)
  • Send us a report

If you can’t see the overlay, it means FBX can’t record that game.

FBX has been coded to be compatible with a wider range of games than other recorders, but it can be blocked by anti-cheat software or some older games may use technology that it can’t record. We can help:

  • Reproduce the problem
  • Go to the Support tab and send a report

Select the right encoder – make sure you have a hardware encoder selected if one is available. 
Don’t set a higher frame rate than you need – recording at a higher FPS will waste processing power.
Reduce the resolution/quality of the recording – select something other than ‘Original’ for the resolution or reduce the quality setting.
Close unused apps running in the background – they may be competing for system resources (CPU / memory).

Tencent Gaming Buddy has a number of different Rendering settings and whilst any of the DirectX or OpenGL options should be compatible with FBX, we’ve found they can give inconsistent results.

Go to Settings > Engine in Tencent and select “OpenGL+” – this option seems to work best.