Version 3.9 is live!

The 3.9 update is now available for FBX. Tweaks: Streaming now supports the rmtps protocol required to stream to Facebook Gaming using the Custom stream option.


Version 3.8 is live!

The 3.8 update is now available for FBX. New: Noise Reduction has been added to the Sound settings. When enabled, FBX will automatically apply noise


Weekly Lockdown Giveaway

Every week until lockdown ends we’ll be giving away a bunch of free Pro subscriptions on Discord, Twitter and Facebook. How can you get your

fbx update

A new update is live!

A new update is now available for FBX. Tweaks: Install and upgrading is now much faster Various smaller improvements Fixes: A problem initializing the webcam

Oculis Rift

Oculus Link – best of both worlds?

While Google Stadia has been making all of the headlines, for both the right and the wrong reasons, the recent release that we were hotly


Google Stadia – Hit or Miss?

It’s finally upon us… Google Stadia has launched! Ever since it was announced, there has been a mixture of excitement and cynicism. Anticipation and skepticism.


5 games to scare you this Halloween

Every October we like to get into the spirit of the Halloween season by turning the lights off and playing some spooky or scary games.


Version 3.7 is live!

The 3.7 update is now available for FBX. New: New users no longer need to create an account on first run! Tweaks: Mouse buttons (apart


Coming soon – Guest users

Ever since FBX was launched, we’ve required users (even free ones) to sign in before using the app. There were a few benefits to doing


Version 3.6 is live!

The 3.6 update is now available for FBX. Tweaks: Some Twitch accounts need Two-Factor Authentication to enable streaming. FBX figures out if your account is

New Feature

Did someone say push-to-talk?

The community asked for it, so we’ve added it. Push-to-talk is now available when you are recording from your microphone. Pick a hotkey to push

live streaming software
New Feature

Streaming unleashed

Without doubt the most requested feature for us to add has been streaming and we’ve been promising that we’d do it for what seems like an


Version 3.5 is live!

The 3.5 update is now available for FBX. New! Streaming Now you can stream to Twitch, Mixer or Youtube (or enter the server address and


What’s in a name?

If you happen to check your encoder options, you may notice that we’ve done a little bit of reorganising. So don’t worry if you don’t


Version 3.4 is live!

The 3.4 update is now available for FBX. New! Fullscreen capture mode: Records the entire desktop, including games and apps that FBX’s Game capture mode

how to record gameplay on pc

How game recorders do their thing

If you’ve used a selection of different game recorders in the past, you may have noticed that there are a multiple different ways that they


Join the FBX community

We’ve got big plans for FBX in 2019 and beyond, but we would like our amazing user community to help us deliver what you need


Version 3.3 is live!

NEW! Fullscreen playback – Play movies fullscreen size instead of being restricted to the FBX window. Screenshots – You now save screenshots whilst watching saved


Apply your branding

Got your own gaming channel and want to promote your brand in your uploaded videos? What you need is a watermark! It doesn’t matter whether