If you are currently unable to open FBX, get the latest version (V3.10) to fix the issue:  Download FBX update

A defect in version 3.9 stops FBX from opening and displays the message: 'Your FBX installation is incomplete'.

FBX will not update automatically to fix this issue. To get the latest version (V3.10), download FBX from this page and install as normal.

Version 3.10 is available with ‘Incomplete installation’ fix

The 3.10 update is now available with a fix for this error.

FBX will not auto-update so please download from https://fbx.gg/download/

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this error – thanks for your patience and understanding


  • Incomplete installation error on startup.
  • Possible memory error when using the NVidia nvenc encoder to record 4K resolutions could affect performance.
  • Fullscreen recording could fail when push-to-talk was enabled.


  • Improved support for virtual webcams and their background removal features.
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