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6 Halloween 2020 events to check out

Seasonal content has been around for a while now, but in the past it has tended to come in the form of DLC that is then available all year round. However, the boom in the games as a service model has made it easier than ever for developers to drop in limited-time map variants or game modes that add a seasonal theme for a short period before disappearing until the same time next year. Here are 6 such events that are happening this Halloween season…

Fortnite - fortnitemares

Fortnitemares returns for a fourth year, this time with a twist on the usual battle royale formula, When taking part in the limited-time Midas’ Revenge game mode, fallen players get a second chance as they return as a phantom when killed. Mind you, fall again and it really is game over. But should the phantoms unite to defeat all living players? Well, that would be a Nightmare Royale victory.

As you would no doubt expect, new challenges also await players to unlock the latest Halloween-themed rewards. Plus some very special events in Party Royale.

Overwatch - Halloween Terror 2020

The now customary Halloween Terror has retuned once again this year. Take the opportunity to play as Ashe or Baptiste as they join the cast of playable characters for Junkenstein’s Revenge this time round.

Or, if years of practice have made you at pro at fending off waves of Junkenstein’s zomnic minions to successfully defend the castle gate, 6 new Expert difficulty challenge modes have been added to really test your mettle. Face off against exploding zomnics, be stalked by a vengeful ghost and more.

Of course, there is also the usual addition of Halloween themed skins, victory poses and heroic entrances.

Rocket League - Haunted Hallows

Ghostbusters comes to Rocket League with a plethora of rewards to be earned. And, if you’ve ever wanted to take the wheel of the iconic Ecto-1, this is your chance as it comes to the Item Shop. 

Two limited time modes are also part of the halloween themed fun. Haunted Heatseeker is Heatseeker but in the spooky new Haunted Urban Arena, and Spike Rush will take place on night map variants. 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - The Haunting of Verdansk

Take part in a deadly game of treat or treat as Halloween comes to Verdansk. If doing battle in nightime variant of the map isn’t spooky enough for you, special supply boxes will play trick or treat with you. They may contain something scarily good or they may just contain a fright.

Or try out Zombie Royale, where dead operators return as deadly zombies to help their still-living teammates. Use your unnatural abilities to feast on your enemies and you might just get the chance to return to the land of the living one more time.

Leatherface and Billy the Puppet are amongst the scary goodies that have been added to the store.

Hyper scape - Halloween event

Neo Arcadia goes dark for Halloween with spooky new cosmetics and a couple of limited time game modes.  Thankfully the new content is a bit more imaginative that the thouroughly uninspiring event name.

For the first week, Crown Rush Solo returns in a Halloween decorated environment and with the new twist of Second Chance – die early enough in the match and you will be given the chance tor redeploy in your drop down again.

Week 2 will see a thick fog descend upon the streets of Neo Arcadia. With visibility near zero, a limited selection of hacks and no crown to squabble ocer, it will simply be the last squad standing that is declared the winner.

apex legends - fight or fright

In an alternate dimension where Revenant has taken control of Apex Games, Shadow Royale is a dark twist on conventional matches in Kings Canyon After Dark. The dark and gloomy setting aside, Shadow Royale appears to be like any other trios match until Legends start to fall.  They soon raise from the dead to continually return as a powerful Shadow Form with vicious melee attacks and enhanced speed. Their only goal to seek revenge on their killers and aid their surviving teammates until all team members have been slain.

As well as the Shadow Royale game mode, Fight or Fright brings a host of challenges to unlock suitably themed rewards as well as new cosmetic items to buy from the store.

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