If you are currently unable to open FBX, get the latest version (V3.10) to fix the issue:  Download FBX update

A defect in version 3.9 stops FBX from opening and displays the message: 'Your FBX installation is incomplete'.

FBX will not update automatically to fix this issue. To get the latest version (V3.10), download FBX from this page and install as normal.

Version 3.4 is live!

The 3.4 update is now available for FBX.


  • Fullscreen capture mode: Records the entire desktop, including games and apps that FBX’s Game capture mode does not support.


  • Reduction in memory usage when exporting to MP4 or uploading to Youtube
  • Added ‘Auto save to disk’ option, to prevent PC or app crashes from losing edits.
  • The “FBX is recording” screen now has a stop button
  • Hardware encoders have been renamed to make it easier to choose which one to use


  • Fix: error on cloning sticker
  • Fix: FBX would crash Adobe Acrobat Viewer
  • Fix: very large log files could be created by a specific problem
  • Fix: on some PCs the microphone was too quiet
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