Cyber Sale Extended

Version 3.5 is live!

The 3.5 update is now available for FBX.



  • Now you can stream to Twitch, Mixer or Youtube (or enter the server address and stream key if that’s how you roll).
  • The default ‘adaptive’ bitrate should give great results automatically, and make sure you don’t get stuck or stut-t-t-tery streams if your bandwidth drops.
  • Stop stream sniping by adding a delay.
  • Save streams to disk so you can make highlight clips later.
  • Mixer users can have low latency FTL streams.

Push to Talk

  • Get cleaner audio by turning on push to talk and just record from your mic when you are holding the hotkey.


  • Editing – Delete key now deletes the highlighted object
  • Editing – When resizing and moving stickers and captions, their edges ‘snap’ to the movie edge and to other object edges.
  • Editing – Sticker and Caption positions can be ‘nudged’ with the arrow keys.


  • When using Fullscreen recording mode, Windows 7 users will now see an overlay before recording.
  • Various other smaller fixes…
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