Cyber Sale Extended

Version 3.3 is live!


  • Fullscreen playback – Play movies fullscreen size instead of being restricted to the FBX window.
  • Screenshots – You now save screenshots whilst watching saved movies in the Editor. The screenshots will be added to your Recordings list just like ones that are saved while recording.


  • Improved quality for NVidia RTX users
    If you’ve got an NVidia RTX card and select the Nvidia hardware encoder that doesn’t end in “MFT”, you’ll be able to turn on Psycho Visual Tuning. This improves image quality, particularly in scenes that contain a lot of motion. Users of old and new cards may see a performance improvement when the non-MFT NVidia encoder is selected, thanks to some new features in NVidia’s latest SDK.


  • If you attempted to add a sound to a movie that did not include any sound already (in other words, no options to capture sound were enabled when you were recording), the lack of an existing soundtrack could cause issues.
  • Total War: Attila is now supported so can be recorded as usual.
  • The Screenshot hotkey would only create a screenshot while recording. Now you can save screenshots anytime the overlay is visible – it doesn’t matter if you are actively recording or not.
  • FBX now works on 32 bit Windows.
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