Change History

May 2nd 2019

  • Fullscreen playback – play movies fullscreen size.
  • Screenshots – this function has been added to the editor, saves a screenshot to the Recordings list.
  • Improved quality for NVidia RTX users
    If you’ve got an NVidia RTX card and select the Nvidia hardware encoder that doesn’t end in “MFT”, you’ll be able to turn on Psycho Visual Tuning. This improves image quality, particularly in scenes that contain a lot of motion. Users of old and new cards may see a performance improvement when the non-MFT NVidia encoder is selected, thanks to some new features in NVidia’s latest SDK.
  • Issues adding sound to recordings that originally had no soundtrack.
  • Can now record Total War: Attila.
  • The screenshot hotkey only creates a screenshot while recording, instead of all the time.
  • FBX now works on 32 bit Windows.

April 4th 2019

  • For AMD users – performance and reliability of the AMD hardware encoder has been improved
  • FBX shows helpful messages for low disk space conditions
  • No more duplicate GIFs in the stickers list
  • Editing performance improvements – reduced memory usage for GIFs and the Giphy window
  • Possible crash on starting a second instance of FBX
  • Possible freeze if the ‘Projects’ and ‘Recordings’ folders were on different disks
  • Video did not show (player was ‘blank’) after the PC was put to sleep and woken with the editor open
  • Issues with file names containing the ‘%’ character

March 19th 2019

  • Adding objects to recordings is faster
  • GIFs were being shortened to 3 seconds.
  • FBX could think it was recording after ‘stop’ hotkey had been pressed.
  • Clicking ‘X’ to close FBX could (rarely) cause it to hang.


5th March 2019


  • Editing!
    At last! We want to help you make better movies and stand out from the crowd. Add Stickers, Text and Sounds to illustrate your finest, most glorious moments (or worst fails). And there’s effects: Speed-up, to get through the no-so-interesting bits, Slow-mo to show your most marvellous kills in the detail they deserve and Freeze-frame to focus on a moment in time… Also:
  • Option to remove black bars from ‘stretched’ recordings
  • Search for GIFs on Giphy and add these to your movies
  • ASIO sound device support


  • Webcam could look too light in certain games, e.g. Apex Legends and Titanfall2
  • Removing devices while the PC is hibernated could cause a temporary problem in playback on waking up.
  • On some PCs FBX could freeze on startup when querying system information (WMI)
  • Could not record ‘X-plane 11’
  • Now records GeForce Now
  • Was crashing Forza 4
  • Problem in GIF export that caused a pause at the start of playback
  • Problem displaying the FBX HUD when the user switches between apps too quickly

23rd January 2019


  • Chromakey / Green screen – use a green (or red, or blue) screen with your webcam and FBX will make it transparent or replace it with an image you select.
  • Record “Game only” audio – select this if you want to just record the game and not Discord chats, music etc.
  • Boosts mic volume – you can set the mic volume louder than before to make it easier to be heard over the game.


  • Detects headsets/mic as soon as they’re plugged in – no need to restart FBX for it to find them.


  • Webcam colors were messed up in Direct3D v12 games like Shadow of the Tomb Raider.
  • There was a problem playing a video if an audio device was removed while the PC was hibernating.
  • Various other fixes!

8th January 2019

  • Fixes an issue in problem reporting.

10th December 2018

  • Improves the process of creating an account on first run, so if the default browser isn’t opened, users can get the URL and open that manually.
  • Improves FBX integrity check on startup.
  • Fixes a problem that could remove files on upgrade.
  • Fix: exporting to MP4 could export just the selected frames.

20th November 2018

  • Fix: an upgrade could leave FBX installations missing an important file, requiring a reboot and reinstall.
  • Change to the Export process to make it more Windows-standard.
  • Improvement to the Make Clip UI.

9th November 2018

  • A change to the HUD/Overlay, to better accommodate upcoming changes for FBX v3.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking ‘Edit Video’ did nothing.
  • Fixed a crash on recording start.
  • Improved the authentication on startup to better handle a missing internet connection.
  • Fixed a problem where it was possible for an update to remove an important file after reboot, leaving the FBX installation broken.
  • You can add a marker during playback, without needing to pause.
  • Adds support for x264, for better performance on PCs without hardware encoders.
  • Fixed a problem recording Direct3D games on Windows 7.
  • Fixed a problem in opengl recording that could affect Minecraft users.
  • Improved compatibility of FBX recordings with Sony Vegas Pro.
  • Fixed a problem where the MP4 button did not export a file to the current Recordings folder.

08 October 2018

  • Game compatibility fixes and minor UI improvements.

06 September 2018

  • Fix for some games like “Mother Russia Bleeds” and Coffee Talk that could cause FBX to stop recording during transitions between scenes.
  • Fix: FBX could freeze on startup at “Kickstarting hyperdrive” if the PC had no hardware encoders but the FPS had previously been set >60
  • Fix: freeze at “Powering up reactors” step for users that upgraded to v2.6 with certain paths in their settings.
  • Fix: workaround added for MP4 files that FBX could not play due to encoder problems.
  • User can now add an MP4 file to the Captures list.
  • Added more RTS games to the list that FBX will automatically record the cursor for.
  • Fix: recording some games (e.g. Sims4) with the “Intel” encoder resulted in the cursor being displayed upside down.
  • Added options to record at 800 and 900px resolution.


15 August 2018

  • Fix: multiple games of Roblox can now be run and recorded ok.
  • Fix: Windows 7 users could not open movies that had resolution >1080p and a high frame rate.
  • FBX now runs in the background in the system tray.
  • Improved performance when making a clip, particularly for large recording files.
  • No disk space is used when creating a new clip.
  • Improved how network problems are handled to avoid blocking users from running FBX during a temporary outage.
  • Changed folders for screenshots, GIFs and recordings, so there is now one FBX folder in the /Videos library.
  • Improved the default selection length when making a clip or GIF, so it adapts to the different functions and is a suitable size, centered in the window.
  • Various fixes for various games!
  • Facebook upload removed because since Aug 1st no non-partner apps can post to a user’s account. We’ll get Twitch added soon.
  • FPS limited to 60 for PCs that do not have NVidia or AMD hardware encoders. Too many users making problems for themselves by setting it to 144 on low powered PCs.

03 July 2018

  • New user interface
  • New features: Save a clip, Add marker, Export MP4 and GIF
  • Enables scrubbing in player/editor, and fast-forward, jump back functions to improve how you seek to moments in the movie
  • Fixes memory usage problem in MS encoders that could result in a crash
  • Fix to audio sync problems on certain games
  • Improved performance of HUD drawing on opengl
  • Improved performance of webcam rendering
  • Enables offline running in cases where there is a temporary problem with the server or the user’s internet connection
  • Mic disabled by default. Also, the mic is automatically turned on if webcam recording is turned on.
  • Some fixes for Direct3D 12 recording
  • Fixes for BeamNG, SimCity and many other games.


05 Apr 2018 

  • Fixes for Direct3D 12 games.
  • Fix: problem loading video directly after recording stops.
  • Improvements to the installer.


20 Mar 2018 

  • Adds: ability to remove the tabs and address bar from Chrome recordings.
  • Fix: possible freeze after recording Minecraft.
  • Fix: identical hotkeys could be set for different functions.
  • Fix: various fixes to Chrome recording.
  • Fix: ‘FBX helper has stopped working’ error on startup .


01 Mar 2018 

  • Fix: microphone volume was set to 100% after recording.
  • Update to video player UI.
  • Chrome recording feature released as beta.
  • Fix: possible crash on selecting recordings via arrow keys.
  • Fix: crash on loading broken MP4 videos.
  • Installer now attempts to work around problems with Visual C++ Redist installation.
  • Adds ‘Share’ function for Youtube and Facebook .

06 Feb 2018 

  • Fix to incorrect player sizing on high-DPI screens and PCs where Windows scaling is set to >100%.
  • Fix: crash on deleting recordings made in the current session.

19 Jan 2018 

  • FBX now has an integrated player. Next step is turning this into an editor. We’re moving closer to our goal of helping you make better, cooler movies.
  • A change to the volume controls. You can reduce the volume of the game, if its over powering your commentary.
  • Design changes to the overlay.
  • Enabled recording of Facebook Gamesroom games.

07 Dec 2017 

– FBX could crash some games (e.g. Heroes of Strom) if there was an unusually long delay in injecting the recorder DLL.
– The overlay could be displayed the wrong color when recording D3D10.
– FBX could crash on startup for some x86 PCs.

17 Nov 2017 

– Improved the auto-update system. We could see that most users were still using old releases.
– Fixed a problem in uploading movie stats.
– Some UI improvements.

03 Nov 2017 

– Improved stats collection, to help us make FBX better.
– Fix: EasyAntiCheat was blocking FBX, even though its whitelisted, if you tried to record a game a second time.
– Recording resolution displayed in the overlay, when its different from the game dimensions.
– Increased bitrate of audio recording.
– Uses openh264 by default in favour of MSMF.
– Fix to Direct3D 8 capture code.
– Fix to Direct3D 12 hook problems as seen in Deus Ex Mankind Divided.
– Fixed a problem with Direct 3D 11 ‘barriers’.

24 Oct 2017 

– Better compatibility with older games that use DirectX6-8 or games that use DirectDraw or GDI.
– Various fixes to how FBX ‘hooks’ to the game process to enable recording, which could prevent crashes.
– Improvement to the recordings folder size limiting user interface.
– Improved fallback to software h264 encoder when hardware encoders are not available.
– Better stats collection to help us see where you’re getting crashes, trying to record incompatible games or being blocked by anti-cheat software, so we can get focus on the issues that matter.

13 Oct 2017 

– Added ‘Pause recording’ hotkey.
– Implemented overlay correctly for DirectX 10 games.
– Fixed problem in some OpenGL games where the viewport and framebuffer sizes are not equal (e.g Team Fortress Classic).
– Fixed issue with hotkeys (e.g. they did not work in Assassins Creed 3).
– Added option to record at 144 fps.
– Removed title bar from webcam preview window to enable more precise positioning.
– Added avatar icon for users that registered via email.


25 Sep 2017 

– New: user can select resolution of saved recording.
– New: requests some feedback when no movies have ever been recorded.
– Fix: when FBX was first run and no webcam was connected, this could cause a crash.
– Fix: FBX no longer shows overlay on Origin and


07 Sep 2017 

– Various improvements and fixes to webcam code. It should be compatible with more webcams and not suffer from performance problems due to recording at high resolution and scaling it down for inclusion in the game recording.
– Improved compatibility with UWP games.
– Restricts disk space used by recordings.
– Fix: the sync between game/audio/webcam could be lost in low FPS recordings.
– Improved compatibility with games that use Direct3D v9.
– Simplified the FPS and Quality settings.
– Fix: the ‘print-screen’ hotkey was displayed in the UI as ‘snapshot’.
– Fix: the game FPS could appear in the overlay. Now removed.
– Fix: issue caused by Direct3D12 games that switch modes too often.

18 Jul 2017 

– Improved the automatic cursor recording option. (League of Legends, Diablo III, Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 will now record the cursor when automatic is selected but previously did not).
– Fixed possible overlay flickering when recording Counter Strike: Global Offensive.
– The overlay will not be displayed on

11 Jul 2017 

Beta release