FBX Quick Help

Once FBX is running, switch to a game. You should see the overlay. By default it’ll be in the top left corner and look like this:
Hit the ‘start recording’ hotkey and you’ll see the overlay change to show FBX is recording.

Just play as usual…

If you don’t see the overlay, then FBX can’t record the game. We’ve tried to make it compatible with a really wide range of games, but you might find one – usually an older game – that doesn’t work. Take a look at our Support page.

Hit the same hotkey again to stop recording and you’ll see the ‘Saved’ confirmation:

When you stop recording:

  • FBX creates a new movie in the Captures tab – look at the help on this page for “Your Captures”.
  • It saves the recording as an MP4 file to the ‘FBX Recordings’ folder in your Videos library.

While recording you can hit hotkeys to:

  • Save a Clip – the previous few seconds of gameplay – (F10 by default)
  • Save a screenshot (Print-Screen key by default)
  • Pause the recording (F8 by default)
  • Add a marker, so you can find that point in the movie again easily – (Alt+C by default)
  • Mute the microphone (Ctrl+T by default)

Select the Recordings tab in FBX to see the recordings, screenshots and clips you’ve saved.

From here you can:

  • Play videos
  • Upload them to Youtube
  • Get an MP4 file
  • Go into the editor, where you can make a GIF or chop the recording down to a smaller clip.

In the top left corner, there are 2 tabs to show your captures by date or by game:

Above the movie are some features:

  • Edit Video – opens the editor, where you can cut a short clip out of the movie, or save a GIF
  • Export MP4 – click this to get an MP4 video file of the whole movie.
  • YouTube – upload the whole movie to Youtube

Recordings and clips are saved as MP4 files into the folder ‘FBX Game Recorder/Recordings’ in your Video library by default, but you can change the folder by going to Settings tab and selecting Options -> Folders

You can limit the disk space used by recordings by going to Settings -> Options -> Folders and clicking the ‘Change’ button for recording folder size limitations.

Recording Sound

In FBX, go to Settings -> Audio to set the sources to record and how loud they should be.

FBX can record two sources simultaneously, the PC Sounds and microphone. By default it just records the PC Sounds source.

If the game volume is a lot louder than your commentary, use the Game volume slider to reduce its volume.

Recording a Webcam

FBX won’t record your webcam by default. To record it go to the ‘Webcam’ tab and turn on the ‘Record webcam’ option.

To set the size and position of the webcam window in your recording:

  • Click the blue ‘Preview webcam and set position and size’ link.
  • A small webcam window will appear. Click and drag to set its size and position. This sets where it will appear in your recording.

Other settings:

  • Source – select the webcam to record, if you have more than one.
  • Show webcam while recording – if this is ON you’ll see the webcam image on your screen while recording. If you want to hide it, turn this setting OFF.
  • Rotate 180 degrees – some webcams, on Windows 10, rotate their image 180 degrees. Turn this setting ON only if your webcam makes a rotated image.
  • Opacity – slide this to reduce the opacity of the webcam window. If you want to appear in the recording, but not too much.

FBX lets you save any part of a movie as a short clip, or a GIF file.

How to save a clip from a movie

In the Recordings tab, you’ll see an Edit Video button to the right of the Date and Game tabs:

Click that to open the Editor

Find the point at which you want to start the clip, then click ‘Make Clip’.
FBX will make a selection for you in the Timebar at the bottom of the window.

This selection is the part of the movie you’ll save as a clip. Change the start and end by dragging the green handles.

When you’re ready, click OK on the popup above to save the clip as a new movie in the Recordings list.

To return to the Recordings list, click the Back button or the Recordings tab at the top of the window.

How to Save a GIF

You can save part of the movie as a GIF. To do this you need to be in the Editor – open it by clicking the Edit button, as shown above.

Find the part of the movie you want to save as a GIF, and click Make GIF.

If you want to save just part of the movie, select ‘Selected Frames’ in the Save option in the Make GIF window. FBX will make a selection for you in the Timebar:

This selection is the part of the movie you’ll save as a GIF.

Change the start and end by dragging the green handles, but remember – GIFs usually play for only a few seconds, because if they’re longer the file can get too big and take too long to download.

Set the options, if you need to:

  • Save – you can set this to save the whole movie or just the frames you’ve selected
  • Frame Rate – the higher the frame rate, the smoother the action, but the larger the file.
  • Resolution – the size of the GIF.

And click Save to save a GIF file.

FBX can record web games in the Chrome browser. It doesn’t do this by default so you’ll need to turn this on by going to Settings -> Web Games.

Once you’ve turned it on, if your PC is compatible you’ll see the FBX overlay in Chrome. Use the hotkey to start and stop recording as normal.

If you don’t see the FBX overlay in Chrome, its because Chrome isn’t using hardware acceleration features, so FBX can’t record it. You might be able to turn these features on in Chrome by searching for “chrome turn on hardware acceleration” and following the instructions there, but on some PCs Chrome can’t use video acceleration.

You may find that FBX records part of the Chrome address bar, along with the tab you’re interested in. If this is the case, use the ‘Crop the top’ setting to remove it from recordings. 

You can activate these functions while recording, by using hotkeys:

  • Pause and restart recording (default F8)
  • Save a clip (default F10)
  • Save a screenshot (default Print-Screen)
  • Add a marker (default Alt+T)
  • Mute the microphone (default Ctrl+T)

To change the hotkeys, go to Settings -> Hotkeys. Place the cursor into the input for the hotkey you want to change and press the new key combination. You’ll see the new hotkey in the input. However, if the input goes blank, this means FBX couldn’t use that hotkey – some other application may have reserved it already.

Some settings affect FBX’s performance when recording.

You can find these in the Video tab.

  • Encoder
    Hardware encoders have faster performance than software ones. FBX will select a hardware encoder by default if available, so you should only select a software encoder if you’re experiencing problems.
  • Frames per second
    The higher the frames per second (FPS) the more resources FBX needs. You might improve in-game performance by reducing the FPS setting – not every game needs to be recorded at 120 or 144 FPS.
  • Resolution
    By default FBX will make recordings with the same dimensions as the game. You can increase performance by selecting an option other than ‘Original’, to reduce the size of the recording. 

Markers help you find the interesting bits of the recording again. You can add markers while recording, or add them afterwards in the Editor.

How to add a marker while recording

Just use the hotkey. By default this is Alt-C.

How to add a marker in the editor

Get into the editor by selecting the movie in the Recordings tab and clicking the Edit Video button:

Then find the point you want to mark and click ‘Add Marker’. That’s it.

Using Markers

Jump to a marker by clicking it. Markers are displayed with this icon 

In the Captures tab:

And in the Editor:


Press a hotkey (default F10) to save the previous few seconds to a separate movie. You have to be recording to do this.

To set the number of seconds to save in the clip, go to Settings > Options.

Cursor Recording 

Do you want to record the mouse cursor or not? FBX tries to guess which games need this, but if it’s got it wrong, go to Settings > Options and select ‘Record the cursor’ or ‘Don’t record the cursor’.

Switching away from the game

What do you want FBX to do when you switch away from the game? It can pause recording (and continue when you switch back), stop, or carry on recording the game (not whatever you’ve switched to). Set this option on the Options tab in the Settings.