How to upgrade to a Pro Account

Anyone can use FBX as a Guest or create a Free account but both of these will add the FBX watermark to saved recordings. For watermark-free recording, you need to upgrade to a Pro account.

Start FBX.

Click on the Upgrade button along the top of FBX to open the FBX store in your browser.

Click either the Buy subscription button or the Buy lifetime licence button to choose the type of Pro account you want to upgrade to.

Create an account and then complete payment for the upgrade. (If you are upgrading from a Free or Early Adopter account, there is no need to create a new account)

Restart FBX to apply the upgrade. 

 TIP   Be sure that FBX is completely shut down and not still running in your system tray

When the upgrade is complete, the Upgrade button will be replaced by the Pro badge.

Clicking your username will open a popup with more details of your Pro account.

 TIP   Sometimes the upgrade can take a few minutes to be processed so if you don’t immediately see the Pro badge, wait a few minutes and then restart FBX again.