Player controls

Playback controls

The playback controls appear below the video.

Play: Clicking the Play button will begin playback of the selected video from the current frame.

Pause: Clicking the Pause button will pause the video at the current frame.

Jump backwards: Click to jump backwards along the timeline. Each jump is 5 seconds.

1x / 4x: The current playback speed is displayed. Clicking it will toggle between speeding up to 4x and slowing back to 1x.

Volume: Drag the slider to adjust the volume of the video.

FBX volume slider

Fullscreen: Click to view the video in fullscreen instead of in the FBX window. When fullscreen, press Esc to revert back to windowed mode.

Video details

The video details appear above the video.

FBX video controls

Video name: By default, the video name will be ‘Video’ followed by a number (the first recording of the day will be 1, the second will be 2 and so on) but you can give it its own name by clicking the edit icon to the right of the name.

Date: The date and day that the video was recorded on.

Frame Rate: The frames per second of the video.

File Size: The size of the video file.

Bitrate: The bitrate of the video.

Resolution: The resolution of the video.

 TIP   The video name is the only detail that can be edited. The other details are just for your information.

Other controls

Edit Video: Click to swap into editor mode for the selected video. In editor mode, you can add things like stickers and sounds to the video, apply effects and cut out shorter clips.

Export MP4: Click to export an MP4 of the selected video. 

YouTube: Clickto upload the selected video to YouTube.