HOW to record Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III is a sequel to Dark Souls II but is the fourth entry in the ‘Souls’ series, which is famed for its punishing difficulty and has spawned its own ‘Souls -like’ genre.


It is an action role-playing game that focues on slow and tactical combat where the player has to learn enemy attach patterns and carefully choose when to launch their own attacks. Free exploration of the world lets players choose their own path but it is not unusual to stumble upon encounters that they are not yet ready to face. Players should be prepared to die… a lot.

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Dark Souls III sample video recording

How to record Darks Souls III with FBX

Launch FBX and go to the Capture section of the Settings tab. Select Game capture mode.

Start Dark Souls III.

After a few moments, you will see FBX’s overlay appear on the screen.

The default location for the overlay is in the top left corner but you can customize this in the Overlay (HUD) section of the Settings tab.

When you are ready to begin recording, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey. By default, this will be Ctrl + F12

The recording indicator will appear in the overlay. You are now recording!

By default, the overlay will display the duration of the recording and the Stop Recording hotkey reminder but you can customize which details are displayed in the overlay in the Overlay (HUD) section of the Settings tab.

When you want to stop recording, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey again to save your video.

The overlay will swap to a ‘Saved‘ message for a few moments. As soon as it swaps back to the usual overlay, you are ready to record again.

Your saved video will appear in the Recordings tab. Select it from the recordings list on the left to watch it back.