HOW to record MEMU

MEmu is a free Android emulator that lets you play mobile games on your PC. The emulator has the regular Android interface that everyone is familiar with so just download the games you want from Google Play and away you go. 

Because MEmu is not a game itself and is made up of multiple layers, FBX’s Game capture mode can struggle to identify what to record. Use Fullscreen capture mode instead to simply record the game’s image as it is sent to your screen.

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MEmu sample video recording

How to record games in MEmu with FBX

Go to the Capture section of the Settings tab and select Fullscreen. You will see FBX’s overlay appear.

Launch MEmu and start running the game you want to record.

 TIP  For best results, use MEmu’s Fullscreen option to maximise the game to the whole screen

When you are ready to begin recording, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey. By default, this will be Ctrl + F12.

The overlay will disappear. You are now recording!

When you want to stop recording, either press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey or click the Stop Recording button that appears in the FBX window to save your video.

The overlay will reappear to indicate that you have stopped recording and your video has been saved.

Your saved video will appear in the Recordings tab. Select it from the recordings list on the left to watch it back.

 TIP  Since FBX is not capturing directly from eihter MEmu or the game, FBX does not know the name of the game so it will simply be labelled as “Fullscreen Recording”.