Recording retro games

FBX’s primary Game capture mode only supports games that use DirectX 9 or newer and OpenGL. This will cover most games released in the last 15 years. To record older games that use either old versions of DirectX or other technoglogies that are no longer used, use the alternative Fullscreen capture mode instead.

Go to the Capture section of the Settings tab and select Fullscreen. You will see FBX’s overlay appear.

 TIP  If you are using multiple monitors, the overlay will appear on the screen that has the currently active window on it. If you then select a window of the other monitor, the overlay will move to that screen.

Start the game you want to record.

When you want to start recording, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey (by default, this is Ctrl + F12) to start recording.

The overlay will disappear. You are now recording!

When you want to stop recording, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey or click the Stop Recording button to save your video.

The overlay will reappear to indicate that you have stopped recording and your video has been saved.