Fullscreen Recording

If the default game capture mode is unable to record a game (in other words, you don’t see the overlay appear), try fullscreen capture mode instead.

Fullscreen capture mode will simply record whatever you see on the screen and is ideal for capturing older games that don’t use modern versions of DirectX, webgames from browsers and when you want to capture from multiple apps at once (if you have overlays that you want to include, for example).

How to start/stop recording

Enable Fullscreen capture mode in the Recording section of the Settings

You will see FBX’s overlay appear (if you have multiple monitors, it will appear on the screen with the active window on it to indicate that that is the screen that will be recorded).

 TIP  The overlay will appear as soon as you enable Fullscreen capture mode, unless you are running an OpenGL game fullscreen – these games do not allow the overlay to be displayed for Fullscreen capture mode but they can still be recorded as normal. 

Switch to the game that you want to record.

Press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey (by default, this is Ctrl + F12) to start recording.

 TIP  When FBX starts recording, the overlay will disappear (so it isn’t included in your saved recording).

Pressing the Start / Stop Recording hotkey again or clicking the Stop Recording button while recording will stop the recording.

The overlay will reappear to indicate that the video has been saved and the mp4 file will be saved to the /Videos/FBX Game Recorder/Recordings folder. The video will be added to the list of videos on the Recordings tab.

 TIP  Since FBX is not capturing directly from the game, FBX does not know the name of the game so it will simply be labelled as “Fullscreen Recording”.  


If you are using a computer that has both a dedicated graphics card and integrated graphics, the integrated graphics needs to be used for rendering the overlay.


For an NVidia GPU :

  1. Right click the NVidia icon in your system tray and select NVIDIA Control Panel
  2. Select Manage 3D settings and then go to the Program Settings tab
  3. Click the Add Button and click Browse…
  4. Select the following file: C:\Program Files\Blueberry Software\FBX Game Recorder\FBXFullscreenCapturer.exe
  5. Select Integrated graphics as the prefered graphics processor and click Apply

For a Radeon GPU:

  1. Open the Windows Display Settings
  2. Go to Graphics Settings
  3. Select Classic app in the drop down menu and click Browse
  4. Select the following file: C:\Program Files\Blueberry Software\FBX Game Recorder\FBXFullscreenCapturer.exe
  5. Click Options
  6. Select Power saving and click Save.

Probably the game uses OpenGL – it simply isn’t possible for FBX to display the fullscreen overlay over these sort of games. You can still record them as normal though – just use the hotkey to start and stop recording.

Don’t worry, that’s completely normal! If the overlay were shown while recording, it would also be recorded as part of the screen and no-one wants that.