overlay (HUD) contents

If Game record mode is enabled and FBX detects that the active window is a game, the overlay will appear on top of it and the Start Recording hotkey (Ctrl + F12, by default) will become active. If Fullscreen record mode is enabled, the overlay will appear immediately.

When FBX starts recording in Game mode, the overlay will change to show that it is actively recording. It will disappear completely when recording in Fullscreen mode.

FBX Record overlay

 TIP   When the Start Recording hotkey is pressed, it can sometimes take a few moments for the overlay to change. Try to avoid quickly pressing the hotkey again as this can immediately stop recording.

Overlay notifications

FBX will temporarily change the overlay to show notifications when certain events occur.

Initializing: If the Game sound only option is enabled, FBX takes slightly longer to be ready to record. This message is displayed until FBX is ready to start recording.

Added: Displayed when a marker is added.

Saved: Displayed when a recording session is completed, or when a screenshot or quick clip is saved.

Push to talk: If the push to talk option is enabled for your mic, the microphone icon will appear when your mic is active.

Customizing the overlay

Go to the Settings tab and select the Overlay (HUD) option in the left side menu.

Select which elements of the overlay are displayed and the position of the overlay on the screen.