How to start/stop recording

If the overlay is visible, FBX is ready to record.

Switch to the game that you want to record.

When the overlay appears, press the Start / Stop Recording hotkey (by default, this is Ctrl + F12) to start recording.

When FBX starts recording, the overlay will change to show that it is actively recording (unless Fullscreen mode is being used, in which case the overlay will disappear completely).

Pressing the Start / Stop Recording hotkey again while recording will stop the recording. An mp4 video will be saved to the /Videos/FBX Game Recorder/Recordings folder and the video will be added to the list of videos on the Recordings tab.

 TIP   When the Start / Stop Recording hotkey has been pressed to start recording, it can sometimes take a few moments for the overlay to change. Try to avoid quickly pressing the hotkey again as this can immediately stop recording.

How to pause/resume recording

Recording can be paused and resumed by pressing the Pause / Resume Recording hotkey. By default, this hotkey is F8.

Pressing the hotkey once will pause recording and then pressing it again will resume recording.