A webcam image can be added on top of any game recording.

Go to the Settings tab and select Webcam in the left side menu.

Enable the Record webcam option.

Click Preview webcam and set position and size to open the webcam preview. Moving and resizing the preview will set where the webcam appears in your videos.

 TIP   The size and position of the webcam image must be set before recording. If a video with a webcam in it has already been saved, the webcam size and position cannot be edited.

When FBX detects a game, the webcam image will appear at the same time as the overlay appears.

Setting up a webcam

Source: If more than one webcam is available to record from, select the specific one to use from the drop down menu.

Show webcam while recording: This toggles whether the webcam image appears on your screen while recording. (The webcam will still be included in the saved recording even when this is disabled)

Rotate 180 degrees: Windows 10 will rotate some webcams by 180 degrees. If this happens, enabling this option will correct the image.

Wide aspect ratio: This toggles the image between the standard aspect ratio and a wide aspect ratio.

Setting up chroma key

Chroma key allows a colored background to be removed from webcam image. This perfect if you just want to see yourself in your webcam image and hide the rest of the room that you are in.

Go to the Settings tab and select Webcam in the left side menu.

Enable the Use chroma key option.

Background: Chroma key will look for the specified color and remove that from the webcam image. Green backgrounds tend to be most popular, but a red or blue background can also be used.

Tolerance: This slider controls how aggressively the background removal is applied – if you see the background color still appearing in the preview image, reduce the tolerance.

Replace with: If Recording is selected, it makes the background transparent so you will just see yourself directly on top of the game image. If Image is selected, you can select an image from your PC that will be used as the background behind you instead of the game.

 TIP   For best results when using chroma key, make sure that the area is well lit and that you don’t have excessive, dark shadows appearing on the background behind you.