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Frame Rate

Selecting the frame rate

The FPS setting allows you to select the frame rate of the saved video. The higher the frame rate, the smoother the video will look but the harder your PC will need to work.

Go to the Settings tab and select the Video option in the left side menu.

Select the recording frame rate in the FPS drop down menu.


If you have a graphics card-based hardware encoder selected, 144 fps is the maximum frame rate available. But if you have a CPU-based hardware encoder or a software encoder selected, the maximum frame rate is 60 fps.

 TIP   If you are using a low-spec PC that is struggling with performance, decreasing frame rate (and the resolution) will reduce the strain on your PC and can improve performance.

Regardless of what you select, some games may have a capped frame rate (for example 30 fps) or have pre-rendered section that play at a set frame rate, which will mean that the recording frame rate is limited to a lower fps than has been selected.