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psycho visual tuning

If you are using an NVidia RTX graphics card (RTX 20xx), then you will be able to enable Psycho Visual Tuning to improve the image quality.

Go to the Settings tab and select Video in the left side menu.

Select the NVidia encoder that does not in ‘MFT’ in the Encoder drop down menu.

Enable the Psycho Visual Tuning option that will appear in the Advanced section below.

 TIP   This option will only be available when a suitable encoder is selected. If you have an NVidia encoder selected and it is not available, your graphics card is not one of the ones that support this feature.

Psycho Visual Tuning enables encoder options that optimize the use of bitrate for increased perceived visual quality, especially in situations with high motion, at the cost of increased GPU usage.

The result is that some quality that is hard for humans to perceive is sacrificed to improve the quality of what can actually be perceived. In practice, this should make things like fine text and grass look sharper, although at times it can degrade some other things.

 TIP   Windows 7 and older don’t support the DirectX features required to take advantage of the latest NVENC encoder so will continue to use the previous version of the NVENC encoder instead, meaning only Windows 8 and Windows 10 users will see the benefit of this update.