QUick Start Guide

Before recording for the first time, there are a few settings that you may want to check first to make sure you record exactly what you want.

Select a capture mode

By default, FBX will attempt to detect your game and give you the option to record it. But if you want to, you can choose to choose record whatever is on your screen instead.

Go to the Settings tab and select the Recording option in the left side menu.

Select which Capture mode you want to use.

 TIP   Game capture mode will give the best recording performance but can only detect and record supported games. Fullscreen capture mode does not have any limitations to which games it can record.

Select an encoder and frame rate

The encoder that you select will affect FBX’s performance when recording and the quality of the saved video.

Go to the Settings tab and select the Video option in the left side menu.

Select from the available encoders in the Encoder drop down menu.

Select the FPS that you want to record at.

 TIP   Hardware encoders will give better performance than software encoders. If one is available on your PC, it will be selected by default.

Select which sound to record

FBX allows you to record audio from your PC and from a microphone. You can record either one of these or both at the same time.

Go to the Settings tab and select the Audio option in the left side menu.

Enable the Microphone option to record from your microphone and/or the Desktop option to record your PC audio. 

 TIP   Desktop audio will be enabled by default with the System Sounds option enabled to record all PC audio. Microphone will not be enabled by default.

Customize the overlay and hotkeys

The overlay appears on top of any game that FBX can record and indicates that you are ready to start recording.

Go to the Settings tab and select the Overlay (HUD) option in the left side menu.

Select which elements of the overlay are displayed and the location of the overlay on the screen.

 TIP   The overlay is not included in your recordings.

The overlay will show a reminder of the Start / Stop Recording key but you can customize which hotkey is used.

Go to the Settings tab and select the Hotkeys option in the left side menu.

Place the cursor in the input field for the hotkey you want to change and press the new key combination that you want to use.