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Apply your branding

Got your own gaming channel and want to promote your brand in your uploaded videos? What you need is a watermark!

It doesn’t matter whether its a caption that you’ve created in FBX or an logo that you have imported, you can easily fix it in place for the duration of your video so anyone who watches any of your videos can instantly recognize it as one of yours.

First, you’ll want to add the objct that you are using for your watermark to your recording. As mentioned, you’ve got a couple of options here. It could be a caption that advertises your channel’s URL or credits you as the creator. Or it could be an image that you’ve imported into FBX, perhaps your channel’s logo,

Make sure you are happy with where you have positioned it and that it is sized just right. When deciding on the position, don’t forget to consider that there may be areas of the screen that you want to keep clear. You don’t want it to clash with important parts of the game’s user interface after all.

Then comes the important step – in the object’s settings enable the Make fixed overlay option. The object will now be fixed in that position for the entire duration of the video. When you click off the object, you’ll see it disappear from the timline. Don’t be alarmed, you can still make changes to it by clicking on the object itself. ALso, it will reappear on the timeline if you decide to disable the Make fixed overlay option.

Finally, to give it that semi-transparent watermark effect, you’ll want to reduce the Opacity setting from 100%. Something like 30% – 40% might me a good place to start. From there tweak it until you’re happy with the result. (If the object is a caption, don’t forget there are two Opacity settings that you will want to change – one for the text and one for the background)

And hey presto, your video is now watermarked!

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