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Did someone say push-to-talk?

The community asked for it, so we’ve added it. Push-to-talk is now available when you are recording from your microphone. Pick a hotkey to push and unwanted noise from your mic can be thing of the past.

Using push-to-talk

Get cleaner audio by turning on push to talk and just record from your mic when you are holding the hotkey. To enable it, head to the Audio section of your Settings and tick the Use Push-to-talk option directly below your microphone settings.

We’ve set the Y key as the default key to push, but you are, of course, free to change it to whatever you like.

Infact, if you are using push-to-talk in your game as well, you may want to set your hotkey in FBX to match the hotkey that the game is using for push-to-talk. Then your recording will include exactly the same chat as would be heard by your team mates in-game.

To give you a little imspiration for which hotkey to use, we’ve made a list of the default push-to-talk hotkeys for some of the most popular games that FBX is used to record. As you can see, that’s quite a selection of keys used!

Apex LegendsT
Battlefield VLeft Alt
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4B
Counter Strike: Global OffensiveK
Rainbox Six SiegeU
World of Warcraft

Why use push-to-talk

If you’re playing in a noisy environment and your mic is picking up lots of background noise, it can be very bothersome to your teammates. Or perhaps your headset is a bit faulty and is producing distorted sounds or echo for everyone else.

It could just be really annoying for them. But it could drown out important game audio that they need to hear or even make communication within your team difficult.

By using push-to-talk, you only expose your team to that noise for the minimum time possible. When you aren’t holding the hotkey, they can all enjoy blissful, noise-free gameplay. Of course, then you go and ruin the peace by holding down the hotkey when you have something to say…

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