If you are currently unable to open FBX, get the latest version (V3.10) to fix the issue:  Download FBX update

A defect in version 3.9 stops FBX from opening and displays the message: 'Your FBX installation is incomplete'.

FBX will not update automatically to fix this issue. To get the latest version (V3.10), download FBX from this page and install as normal.

Version 3.6 is live!

The 3.6 update is now available for FBX.


  • Some Twitch accounts need Two-Factor Authentication to enable streaming. FBX figures out if your account is one of these and points you in the right direction.
  • If you have a ‘hybrid’ dual GPU PC, it was possible for fullscreen mode to not perform at its best. FBX detects this and gives you some help – easily fixed in Windows settings.


  • If you used Mixer with FTL and then switched to some other streaming service, this could cause problems.
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