5 graphic APIs that FBX can record (and 1 that is coming in the future)

You may frequently see us refer to technologies such as DirectX and OpenGL but what actually are these and why do they matter? If you’re not sure, here we’ll try to make it a little bit clearer. Application Programming Interface DirectX and OpenGL are what are known as APIs. APIs, or Application Programming Interfaces to …

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Version 3.7 is live!

The 3.7 update is now available for FBX. New: New users no longer need to create an account on first run! Tweaks: Mouse buttons (apart from the main two) can be used to trigger hotkey actions. Improved the reliability of the “alternative” hardware encoders, which could create non-loading videos.

Version 3.6 is live!

The 3.6 update is now available for FBX. Tweaks: Some Twitch accounts need Two-Factor Authentication to enable streaming. FBX figures out if your account is one of these and points you in the right direction. If you have a ‘hybrid’ dual GPU PC, it was possible for fullscreen mode to not perform at its best. …

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Streaming unleashed

Without doubt the most requested feature for us to add has been streaming and we’ve been promising that we’d do it for what seems like an eternity. There’s a lot of work for us still to do on it to get it to where it fulfils our expectations of what you will want from it. But …

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Version 3.5 is live!

The 3.5 update is now available for FBX. New! Streaming Now you can stream to Twitch, Mixer or Youtube (or enter the server address and stream key if that’s how you roll). The default ‘adaptive’ bitrate should give great results automatically, and make sure you don’t get stuck or stut-t-t-tery streams if your bandwidth drops. …

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